We understand the importance of brick choice. We know that when our customers choose brick it is predominantly on colour. But more importantly we understand that this choice cannot be made in isolation. Bricks make up 60% of the ‘look’ of the external facade of you home, with roofing tiles 30% and gutter and fascia 10% in terms of the complete picture. Here are some reasons why you should consider building your home with brick:

  • Save money on heating and cooling – because of the quality the thermal mass of a brick imparts.
  • Healthy & Safe – bricks are a natural product from the earth that dont create fumes or emit toxins. Clay bricks also have the advantage that they do not catch on fire.
  • Controls Moisture – the cavity system of brick veneer allows for airflow and reduces moisture in the home.
  • Quality product – made for over 100 years in NZ. Monier bricks are regularly tested and have a 50 year guarantee.
  • Creatively versatile – the modular quality of a brick means scope for design is vast. The large array of surface textures and styles enhance design options too.
  • Unique Character – because they are made of clay straight from the earth every brick is unique and has its own character.
  • Investment Value – a brick and tile home is a sensible investment. Because of their their low maintenance requirements, which results in little deterioration, brick homes hold their value better long term.
  • Colour that lasts – once a clay brick has been fired the colour is permanent and will not fade.
  • Acoustics – 70mm brick provides an excellent noise barrier from road traffic and other sounds.
  • Low Maintenance – bricks do not deteriorate like other claddings.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Secure & Weather tight

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